The Association of Military Christian Fellowships (AMCF) traces its origins to 1851 when a British cavalry officer, while serving in India, brought together officers and soldiers for Bible study and prayer.

From those gatherings, the British Officers’ Christian Union and the Soldiers’ and Airmen’s Scripture Readers Association were formed. Military Christians in other European nations gradually began replicating those two groups as they saw the benefit of fellowship with their believing coworkers.

In 1930 military Christians from four nations -- Germany, Britain, Holland, and Sweden -- met in Holland to fellowship, pray, and encourage each other. They formed an overarching group, AMCF, with the intent that it be entirely non-political and international, with no central organization, no budget, and no paid staff.

Since then the concept of indigenously-organized (1) military Christian fellowships (MCFs) has spread from nation to nation as military Christians became excited about the impact military Christians can have in their nations. Additionally, AMCF’s three supporting organizations -- ACCTS, MMI, and MSO -- have played a large role in the growth and development of military Christian fellowships worldwide.

Today, indigenous Christians in over 145 nations have formed MCFs. Some are small, with only two or three Christians meeting together for encouragement; others have tens of thousands of members. All seek to live for Christ and have a positive effect on their nations as they live out their faith in Him while also serving their countries in the armed forces.

Whereas the first international conference was between just four nations the most recent world conference (2014) attracted over 100 nations. National MCF groups also plan regional, sub-regional, and national conferences to encourage the growth of military Christians.

The current AMCF president, General Srilal Weerasooriya of Sri Lanka, is assisted in his work by regional vice presidents and the three supporting organizations. The president and vice presidents usually work out of their homes, as there is no central AMCF office.

1. The word “indigenous” in this context means the people who are native to a region; it is not meant to contain any political meaning.

AMCF Presidents

Baron Von Tuyll
Holland, until 1965



General Sir Robert Ewbank
U.K., 1965-1976



General Clay Buckingham
U.S.A., 1976-1991



General Sir Laurence New
U.K., 1991-2002



General Lee, Pil Sup
South Korea, 2002-2012



General Srilal Weerasooriya
Sri Lanka, 2012-present