About Us

AMCF is made up of self-governing national military Christian fellowships (MCFs) which associate and fellowship together for spiritual encouragement.



AMCF encourages the formation and growth of indigenously-formed (1) military Christian fellowships within national security forces.(2)

We are a non-political, non-denominational organization which has no budget or central organization. Our motto is “All one in Christ Jesus” from Galatians 3:28, and that is what we pray and seek to be.

Started in 1930 with four founding nations, today AMCF has MCFs in the security forces of over 150 nations. Some of these MCFs have tens of thousands of members, while others have two or three members. Military Christians in several other nations have informal gatherings but, for several reasons, are not formally established. MCFs encourage Christian service men and women to apply the teachings of Jesus to their personal and professional lives.

AMCF has a president and regional vice presidents. They encourage national MCFs and help coordinate regional activities, such as conferences and training seminars. The president and vice presidents are volunteers who usually work out of their homes, as there is no central AMCF office.

Additionally, AMCF’s three principal supporting organizations -- ACCTS, MMI, MSO -- have played key roles in the growth and development of MCFs worldwide.

1. The word “indigenous” in this context means the people who are native to a region; it is not meant to contain any political meaning.
2. The words "military" and "armed forces” include all branches of a nation's armed forces, defense forces, and sometimes law and order forces. In some nations, it may also include firefighting and other national-level institutions.

AMCF Leaders

The President and Vice Presidents operate from their homes and are volunteers. National Military Christian Fellowships (MCFs) vote for their own leaders, and often operate on behalf of the AMCF family by hosting conferences and other events. These MCFs are autonomous but accept the advice and ultimately the authority of the AMCF President and relevant regional Vice President. The President serves for approximately ten years and vice presidents for about seven years. Currently the Presidential Bench comprises:


Vice Presidents: