Why are We Satisfied Living in Light so Dim????

by F/S Tom Hatch

reprinted with permission from the Newsletter of the Military Christian Fellowship of New Zealand, July/August 2000

If we were to turn off the lights in our lounge in the evening or even go outside at night we would find that, after a few minutes, what appeared to be really dark is not so dark, as our pupils dilate and allow more light in. We think, "Hey, this isn't so bad, I can see OK," and so we carry on functioning in what we thought was dark and is now only dim. BUT if we were to introduce a light source, no matter how bright, suddenly all darkness...doesn't matter how dim or dark it is...ALL darkness is banished in the presence of light.

Q. Why are we so easily satisfied with what we only assume to be good enough?

In 2 Kings 7:3-8 we read about four lepers who decided that they had nothing to lose in going out to the Syrian camp and seeking refuge and food. They arrived to find the camp deserted. Entering the first tent they came to, they found food, silver, gold, and clothing. They ate, took some "loot", and hid it. On their return they were in the process of doing the same again then decided that the king of their city needed to know about this.

There are some key points of note here:

Let's dwell on those points for a moment. Q. Why don't we go to the centre of the camp? Why is it that we are so easily satisfied with the silver and gold and clothes when if we went to the "Commander-in-Chief's" tent and looked for Him the riches that He would provide would "blow our minds"!!!

Proverbs 16:15 states... "In the light of the King's face is life, and His favour is as showers of the latter rain."

I would like to issue a challenge to us all...

Let us not be satisfied with the outer tents of God's camp. Let us go to the centre of the camp as if we have nothing to lose. Let us not stumble around in only "half-light" but seek the Light of the King's Face and dwell there under His covering and leadership, seeking to worship Him regardless of our own lives.

God bless you all, may you be Carriers of the Fragrance of Heaven, surrounded by His Light and Fire.


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